Friday, August 28, 2009

Only You

You're my brand heroin
you fill my lungs, my vein,
bring heaven into my body, my mind...
Oh, I'm in high
high in you,
high in you...

Your eyes, I love in it
Your lips, I lust in it
Your scent, I drown it
Your body, I refuge in it
I'm in high, high in you...

I see only you!
I hear only you!
I smell only you!
I taste only you!
Oh, I'm in high...
High in you, only in you...

Touch me, hold me,
bring me into your arm,
make me high, with your touch,
with your kiss, with your scent,
make me lost in you,
only in you...

And I don't care anymore!
nothing mattered anymore
all I see is you
all I hear is you
all I smell is you
all I feel is you
only you, only you...

get me high, my love
through the stars, fly me to heaven
bring me with you, only with you...