Friday, August 07, 2009

Mercy Upon Us

the golden wind, carresing broken heart
bringing tears into soul, warming forgotten blood
O, shining star, bring me an angel

summer left, then autumn come with the gust of wind
bringing rain clouds, summoning rain
flooding dried heart, washing tears
blosoming flower of shining love

O, Lord! mercy! mercy!
mercy upon us! us the cursed sinner
mercy! for we cannot see the day light
nor the brightest star!
O, Lord! mercy! mercy!

O Lord! Who holding universe in his hands
hold my soul tight, embrace my heart warm
We cant live without you
our heart bleeding with emptiness
O, Lord! mercy!

We sinner been walking in darkness
through night, inching shadows
we who burdened by our sin
by our nature
O, Lord! mercy!

No, no more, no more!
No more walk in darkness, no more!
our heart shrivelling, our soul blakening
because our sin
O, Lord! mercy!

mercy! mercy!
Hear our forgotten voice
Hear our unheard pleading
O, Lord!

O, Lord.... mercy upon us...
mercy... mercy....