Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rant: Lack of Update

I apologize for lack of update for several weeks ago and, unfortunately, for several weeks to come. Last month I was sent by my workplace into one of it's branch of office on Kalimantan (or Borneo Island for some of you know it). And I got quite busy with my new workplace, with my new position, etc.

My last article (review of a locally branded headphone you could find it here) is several weeks old now, and I just can't find time (or mood) to write new articles. Las week my phones which also work as my modem, got lost while I'm on the road. So now I have no internet connections. This update is written on an internet cafe which pretty expensive and not very comfortable. Definitely not gonna improve my writting mood. Oh, and no more article about Nexian Cosmic Journey a.k.a. Gsmart G1315. Sorry.

I got several things to review: ebook reader and several novels. I got my hand on Indonesian version of Earthsea Trilogy, but I haven't got time to read them yet as right now I'm trying finishing rereading The Wheel of Time series (I'm at book eleven, The Knife of Dream). It's really a great series, and no matter how many times I reread it, it always gave me this chills and excitement. I wholeheartly recommend you to read it.

I enjoy my stay here at Balikpapan very much. Lot of people here comes from Java Island, so it felt like I'm at my birthplace. The food is alright, although everything tasted rather sweet, sweeter than I used to be, and quite bland, product of how expensive spice here, but nothing unmanagable. Actually, every things is more expensive here than Jakarta!

Balikpapan is really a clean city, I heard it's the second cleanest city after Singapore for Eastwest Asia. That's not a small feat, considering Balikpapan had several oil processing plants and some factories. Balikpapan also had clean and fresh air, and lot of hills (or what they call as "Gunung" or Mountain in English). Rather hot on the day, and some night also, but nothing like my birthplace at the middle of the dry season is.

So, that's all. I will try to give update as soon as possible. I hope I can obtain internet connection soon, or I will go MAD. I really can't live without internet, thingking about it made me shudder. Brrr... the horror...