Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello world

Hello, it's me again.

Honestly, of late I have no energy left for blogging. Interacting with people are exhausting! Every night I came to home exhausted, even my beloved Sennheiser HD600 and Aune T1 didn't get as much attention as before.

This new year, I got new toy(s). It's a camera, a Sony NEX-5TL (a NEX 5T with zoom kit lens). Why am I not getting the new Alpha such as A5000, A5100 or A6000? Duh, because the money. The usual reason :D
Yes, Sony discontinued NEX series, and yes at the same price I can go for A5000, but honestly, NEX-5T will give you more than A5000. Read the comparisons on the internet, there are lots of them. I rather go for last year mid-range than this year entry level. I was going for  second hand NEX-6, but I never found one which acceptable, so I gave up and go for NEX-5T instead. I miss the viewfinder in NEX-6, but I just have to live without it. Good thing I take picture mostly in the dark. NEX-5T screen is god-damned reflective! (sorry for the french)

Why not going for DSLR? I don't like how bulky and heavy most DSLR is. For example, Nikon D3200 is about 750 grams totals, and Canon EOS 1200D is about 800 grams. My NEX-5T is just south of 500 grams. And the size! NEX-5T, being mirrorless, is just so small compared to your usual DSLR.

Anyway, I'm still learning how to take photos with it. My friend Arif (his blog is here) got into photography longer than me. He, and 2 others. They take better pictures than mine :D. It's quite fun, although it did make me have to get up at 2 am and take long, long walk in the dark just to get those stars or sunrise pictures. And I tell you, walking alone in the dark is SCARY. Good thing my current city is safe.

Anyway, here you go, my flickr (which I made long long ago in 2009):