Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nostalgic and Melancholy.

Have you ever see a place, photograph, movie, song, book or other things which take you back to your old times? My life was hectic recently, every day I'm going to office at seven-something, and back at my rented room at seven-something. Everyday I'm wading through the never ending jobs. Then today, I decide to take a 10 minute break and open my long unused Facebook apps. There on the update stream, a friend just liked a photo which I was tagged. Feeling curious, I open the link and voila, a grainy photo from my last week before high school graduation came. Then the 10 minutes break stretches into 1 hour break. How naughty of me.

The photo was taken at 2005, I'm not remember what day or month it was, but from the uniform I'm sure it was either Monday or Tuesday. You see, we got 3 set of uniforms: White and Gray-blue (Monday - Tuesday), Yellow-cream and Chocolate-cream (Wednesday and Thursday) and the last one is Boy Scout one (Light chocolate and brown for Friday and Saturday). Back then, Saturday is school day, although the school finished 1 hour earlier. And I remember very well, the photo was taken at noon. Is till remember the heat of the day. It was a windy day too.

My class is pretty crazy one. I remember how everyone got along so well, some even date each other. I think there was 2 or 3 couple formed. Indonesian school is different to West school. I believe in the West, we can choose what we want to learn, although there were some courses which mandatory. So your class-mate is differs every course. Kind of how University and College run. Here in Indonesia, all course is mandatory. So, every day we met the same people, until we divided into two major: IPA (science-based courses), and IPS (social-based courses). Of course, there were some mandatory courses, but mainly the focus of the major courses is different. Thinking back, my second year is pretty crazy too. Pity we got split.

Some of my classmate are from my first and second grade class, which is about 50 - 60% of the class. The remaining are shuffled from other class. Although not from the same first and second class, but we still got along very well. We got into trouble together, we got praised together, we choose together, every day is really fun. Oh, how I miss those days. Where we start to think about future and the world, but still innocent enough to appreciate simple, mundane teenage things like crush, homework, mischief, quiz etc.

It was awesome.
It was glorious.

Tributes to  my old high school class, Pajero. Really miss you guys!!!