Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review: Control Point by Myke Cole

So, here it is my promised review. This time I want to give my comment about  debut novel by Myke Cole. As I said on my previous post, Mr. Myke Cole is a soldier from US Army, so I find its very intriguing that he write a novel, a fantasy novel to boot.

As expected, this novel (titled Control Point) is very heavy on army color. In fact, the main character IS a soldier. There are lot and lot army-related stuff, from weaponry, slang, jargon, acronym, etc etc. It's very interesting, but rather confusing at first because the author didn't gave any explanation for the words he used, so I forced to guess the meaning. But, overall, this novels has a nice story-telling on it. The quotes from peoples on this book world is a nice touch, help giving impression that this book world is real.

The main characters is rather interesting, and humane. The character development is good. Soldier point-of-view is very interesting, really a new insight to the mind of a soldier. This is just the first book, so I can somewhat forgive lack of development on other characters. I hope Mr. Cole will dig deeper on other characters, which some are very interesting. I personally found Marty (Dobby number #2, anyone?), Theressa (so sweet), and, for the love of God, Scylla, interesting. Especially Scylla. (Shush don't tell others, ok?)

One point I had to give to Mr. Cole for made the main character an African descendant. I'm just sick of this white-bread main character. It's so refreshing to read main characters who are non-white people. Sorry, not being racist, just stating the fact. Okay, that did sounded racist, but it IS the fact. Don't burn me okay?!

The pace is rather fast, but sometimes rather inconsistent, some flashback and scenes feels....forced. Like the writer lost his pace and trying to fill the void. Not as bad as Awakened Mage (a.k.a Innocence Lost by Karen Miller), but it's there. Okay, it's his first novel, so I, again, can forgive him (I'm nice guy, right? Right?). Actions are very good, you won't disappointed by them. I feels some battle are well placed, right when the story starting to get boring, wham, you got some very nice battle.

The magic system is rather conventional one, although some are very interesting (I really, really want the Healer-Render ability or even better, the Negramancy). Magic on this book is coming from another world (it is unexplained whether the world, which nick named The Source, is on the same dimension with us but on different galaxy; or on another dimension altogether).
Because the nature of the magic, overall, magic user are divided into two group (or school as it called on the book): School of Prohibited Magic and School of Legal Magic. People manifested their magic can't choose which kind of magic they got, so when you got magic belongs to Prohibited Magic (Probes), say good bye to your freedom.

For debut fantasy novel, I think Control Point is good. The final battle is definitely good. I can't wait to see how Mr. Cole develop this story, because I think this story had the potential to develop into something BIG. Definitely a keeper.