Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rant #2

So, I'm still reading Indonesian version of Eye of The World (1st book from The Wheel of Time series). My progress isn't as fast as when I'm reading the English version. I find my mind rather difficult to adjusting to the way Indonesia language building scenes and atmospheres. And the translation too, rather hard to swallow. Some places name are translated into Indonesian, while some are not, thus creating strange feeling. And there are some translation which, I feel, rather odd and could be better. But then I'm a purist, so maybe for peoples who read this novel for the first time will find the translation good.
I haven't read all the book, so I can't give my review, but so far so good. Just need to open Indonesian dictionary, as lot of words used are seldom used on every-day life. I'm ashamed lol.

I really dislike the paper they used here. Not only it's brown-greyish in color, but also very thin, I literally could see the letters printed on the backside. But seeing the size of the novels, I could somewhat understand it, they must be trying to reduce the cost by using cheaper paper. For comparison, Indonesian version of Harry Potter novels has thicker papers. And the models for the cover.... dear God, I don't think they can find models more different to book descriptions than the models used here. Indonesian version of Earthsea Trilogy has much, much cooler covers...

With the reading pace I'm now, I don't think I can finish the book by the end of the month. I got some assignment from my boss, and by the end of march I got reassigned to our branch of office on Balikpapan, Kalimantan (or Borneo Island, like most European and American knows it). There I got positioned either as Project Engineer or as Business Process and Development officer. Personally, Project Engineer is more inline with my education, but I'm open to challenge :).

Oh, almost forgot, today is my Birthday!!! Yay!!! Happy Birthday to me!!! Happy 25 years old!!! For my self buy present, I planned to go to Jaben Indonesia (branch Jakarta). I want to buy an open, full-sized headphone for home listening. Something which has different sound-signature to my Audio-Technica SJ33 would be the best. Actually I'm waiting for Brainwavz HM5 to come to a local store, but I don't think I'm gonna waiting anymore, it's too long! Maybe it could be my 2nd purchase?!? lol

For you reader of this boring blog of mine, don't worry, I still have about 2 reviews on my pocket, so you don't have to wait me finish reading Eye of The World. Have a nice day!