Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the (another) crossroad

Here I am
standing alone in this crossroad
wanting for the direction
that will lead my life to he right path

Here I am
standing alone in the blind
confuse about myself
too long being lied by myself

Here I am
standing in the crossroad
scared by the dark
engulfing every road ahed

Here I am
can not move myself an inch
to make one single decision
that lead myself to the future

Here I am
All alone
All scared
All blinded
Which road shall I take??
the right one?
the left one?
the rocky one?
the landing one?
Oh, I'm so confused

So here I am
still can not make any decision
stuck in the space
while time running ahead

and everyone leaving me behind...

But, still... Here I stood
waiting for my courage to building up
to make my feet move
to start walking again
to embrace the future

And I'm still standing here
dead on my feet
can not make any decisions
too scared to move

I'm silly, coward man, am I?
Maybe I should answer yes...