Saturday, April 30, 2016

Luca Stricagnoli, a Contemporer Guitarist Prodigy

For me, ability to play musical instruments always seems like something out of world. You see, my clumsy hands, bad reflexes, and bad timings just won't cut it for playing instruments. Forget piano or fiddle, I can't even match simple percussion tone to my friends playing (it was in my high school long, long time ago, the teacher assign us to make some band and play in front of class. Total disaster on my part.) So, watching people playing music live always gave me envious feeling.

Enter Luca Stricagnoli. A contemporary guitarist who skills I'm not even dare to dream having. Watch this:

How is his brain works? I mean, I keep stumble over nothing while walking on flat, clean straight floor, and here he is, playing a one man band:


That is so unfair. Handsome, cute guy who can play music instruments, and prodigy at that? Ladies (and number of guys) will definitely screaming for him. And he is young too! Maybe 24 or 25 years old. And ladies, please hold on to your panties, but he is proficient in Judo too!

Thank God he seems like can't sing, or I'm going to ask for refund.

Wait, did he just play TWO guitars?! Yep he did!

Freaking cool.
And here he is, using his feet to play some chords:

Fuck it, I'll just go back to sleep.


PS 1: he released an album last year, so you can buy it on your choice of market place (such as Amazon or iTunes) 
PS 2: for more his videos, go to the usual site (*cough* YouTube *cough*)
PS 3: that disaster high school assignment story is 100% true. Right total disaster that was.
PS4:  the only, I repeat, the ONLY instrument I can play is the freaking RECORDER. Yeah, THAT recorder. You know, the flute-like instrument? Usually for elementary kids? Yep. Pathetic eh? (apologize to all professional recorder players. You guys are awesome!)