Monday, February 06, 2012

Review: Demon Squad by Tim Marquitz

I got lot of recommendation of good books (especially from fantasy genre) from Fantasybook review site. But I kind of bored, because lot of those fantasy novels are placed on somewhere far away, or unknown world, or or, oh you know what I mean. And most of those stories using this old kind of story-telling, which bore me to death. Okay, not to death, and I still LOVE fantasy novels. But I want something DIFFERENT, story take place on simpler setting, place easier to imagine. Good were my imaginations, it still need break now and again.

So, I browse and browse and browse, and stumbled upon this novel by Tim Marquitz. It's from his series called 'Demon Squad' and took place on alternate version of OUR world. Fantasy with demon, angel, magic took place on OUR world (albeit the alternate version one)? I'm on it.

The first novel is titled "Armageddon Bound", the second one is "Ressurection", and the third is "At the Gates". I will review only the first two book, because I haven't got my paw on the third book (just you wait, book!!!) YET. So here you go.

On the first paragraph, we already meet violence. The main character, Frank "Triggaltheron" Trigg, is assaulted for information of an angel called Scarlet, although it's not for long because he didn't know where the angel in question is. From there the story continued. Yup, no 'proper' character introduction etc, even I learned the history of the main character (which is part Devil, btw, and direct nephew to Lucifer himself. And yes, that Lucifer, you know, the one who was the brightest angel then fallen etc etc?) some where along the story line.

Like I said before, this books took place on alternate version of our world, where angel, devil and magician (or wizard) are live together on earth (not ALL of them of course, some still dwell on heaven or hell), what with the  departed God and Satan. Ops, did I say departed? Yes, in this novel world, God make truce with Satan then depart to unknown place (possibly void, as Trigg think later), leaving the world (as in heaven, hell and human realm) to take care for it selves

Lot of intrigues and double crosses and heavy dose of Trigg remarks of women bodies (he's a horn dog, if I have to say so) and lot and lot of actions. Actually, most of story line are composed of actions (in which Trigg usually got out-classed - both physically and magically - and got pounded and generally got lucky), with several recurring characters.

Character development is rather sparse. Almost all character in this novel are having those 'set' character with limited or none development. On good side, it refreshing because there are none of those psychologist-like character delve. But on bad side, it made the characters rather two dimensional and too simple, almost no dept to it.

From story side, I think this novels rather interesting. The twisted world, lot of actions, rather simple but funny main character, several surprise and twist on ending are very nice. Really, this novels are what I need, nice break from stuffed world of fantasy novels. The pace are rather fast, with nice story building. But I got this feeling like, the ending on first novel are too abrupt. The 'bridge' to finale are too short, not enough suspense building before the characters got to main actions. The second novel are better, but still not long enough. Or maybe I just too used to those nerve-racking finale fantasy novels (Wheel of Time series, anyone?)

I really like the simple, funny, rebellious but very manly Trigg. He is really different with the main character from other fantasy novels I've read. I think this is the first time I read a novel where the main character is a street prowler, a thug, to speak. I just wish other characters are as strong as him. Strong as in characterization, not on power level. In fact, Trigg placed on rather low power level, what with his rejection on Anti-Christ position. Ops! Did I just spoil it for you? :D

For you who want light fantasy novel, or just want a light reading (although with lot of actions packed on this novels it can't be called 'light'), or liked angel-demon book, or just want to try something else, I recommend you to try this book. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. I personally can't wait to get my paw on the third book...


Ryan Lawler said...

Hi Catatan,

I am so happy you found these books because of my recommendations.

This is a fantastic review, I think you identified all the same things I did.

Just wait until you read "At The Gates" and Book Four "Echoes Of The Past", these two books are by far the best books in the series.

Panjoel said...

@ Mr. Ryan Lwler
so it was your review I read? :D
I'm glad I read those, because I really enjoy this book(s). And I finally (finally!!!) got my hand on book 3 and 4 (which is getting... ops, let save it for later review shall we?)