Sunday, April 10, 2011

Be Thankful

Be thankful of what you have right now. Please remember, not all people have anything you have right now. Some people have less than you, some people even doesn't even have anything.
Be thankful of what you have, because God always capable of taking it back from you, and when He did it, you can only regret it later.
Be thankful for what you have right now, because we don't know if we still have it tomorrow. Be thankful, by giving other less fortunate people their share from what you have.
Be thankful, because He loved thankful servant, for we are nothing but small insignificant creature.
Be thankful to God, when He gave you anything, either you want it, or not.
Be thankful, and you will enjoy your life. Don't look up too ofter or too high, because it could make you forget to thankful to God.
Be thankful, before its too late...

Thank You, God, for all You've gave me. Please forgive me when I'm not thankful enough. Please forgive me when I'm being un-thankful bastard. And please forgive me for all sins done by me, my family, my beloved, and my friends. Thank You.

.....a little note to myself.....